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Answers to Common Questions about Owning a Cowberry Franchise

What is Cowberry?  

Cowberry is a non-traditional frozen treat franchise designed primarily for QSR and convenience store locations where customers can experience everything a stand-alone frozen dessert shop offers, just under 50 square feet, and at a fraction of the price of a stand-alone store. It is a quick stop for families on the go or can be a community gathering spot for those locations that have sit-down dining. At Cowberry, our motto is "Froyo on the Moove!"

What is the franchise fee?  

The franchise fee is $10,000 and is due upon execution of the franchise agreement.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?  

The initial term of the franchise agreement is 10 years. The agreement is renewable for 50% of the franchise fee for an additional 10-year term.

What is the royalty rate?  

The royalty rate is fixed at $3,000 per year ($250.00 per month). Please refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document for more information.

What is the initial investment in a Cowberry Frozen Yogurt franchise?  

A Cowberry franchise owner's initial investment ranges from $52,950 to $83,745, depending on the package you choose.

Does Cowberry provide financing?  

We do not provide direct financing. However, we have a list of lenders that are familiar with Cowberry and are interested in communicating with our franchisees regarding their lending needs.

What is the target growth of the brand?  

Cowberry expects to accelerate its pace of growth over the next three years. The growth will be accomplished primarily through franchising by both single-unit and multi-unit investors in a range of market sizes, including urban areas, small towns, travel centers, and convenience sites. In addition, Cowberry is offering incentives to franchisees adding multiple units.

Is previous food service experience required to own a Cowberry Frozen Yogurt franchise?  

Experience is always helpful; however, it is not required. We love to recruit franchisees with prior food experience - that can be a real asset. Cowberry will train you and your staff at your location in every aspect of making high-quality frozen treats and running a successful franchise. 

Who makes a good franchisee, and what kind of franchisee are you looking for?  

The ideal Cowberry franchisees come with a winning attitude, are passionate about their business, their community, and are team players. The Cowberry team can teach you how to open and operate a Cowberry frozen dessert business, including using the equipment, and handling of the product. We can teach you how to market to your local community, endearing yourself to every school, home, and business within a three-mile ring around your store. We have the systems in place that if your team executes it properly, you'll run a great frozen dessert shop. You don't have to reinvent the wheel because we have already done the hard work. What can't we teach you? Passion. Aside from the requisite skills, experience, and required capital, the best predictor for your success is your passion for quality.

Who are Cowberry customers? 

The easy answer is "Everyone!" But to find out who the real Cowberry customer is, it helps to understand the communities and locations we serve.  Our most common locations are folks who are "On the Moove!" They may be traveling from one destination to the other, or have stopped in for a quick meal solution. This is where you're most likely to find customers who are happy to see the Cowberry brand. Our customers are all ages and from every walk of life. You'll see happy moms with smiling kids, couples enjoying a meal out, and wanting to add dessert to their date, sports teams after a big win, and grandparents taking their little ones out for a treat. Our customers are people of all ages enjoying the delicious, fresh frozen treats that they create at every Cowberry Frozen Yogurt store.

What types of locations work for Cowberry?

Cowberry is a flexible concept that can be adapted to most markets. We have developed a list of ideal criteria. The right locations have most of these components:

  • Near Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Near Hospitals
  • Interstate Locations
  • Good Accessibility into Location is a Must
  • Existing Food Service or Deli
  • Sit-Down Dining is a Plus
  • Good Visibility. You can see the sign easily from the road.
  • Convenient Parking. Customers can get in and out easily.
  • Easy Access. Customers shouldn't have to fight traffic to turn in.
  • Overall Area Should be Growing or Stable
  • High Traffic Locations

Berry Says, Word Bubble, Cowberry

How much space is needed for a Cowberry franchise?  

All we need is less than 50 sq. ft. of space or less. This includes the kiosk unit, approx. 24 sq. ft. of refrigerated storage for thawing and shelf storage for cups and supplies.

How does Cowberry handle improvements to the building for the new franchise?  

Cowberry will support you in site selection for the franchise and provide specifications for any construction that may be needed, such as electric for equipment. However, it is the franchisee's responsibility to work with a general contractor to make any additional improvements that may be needed.  The franchisee is responsible for installation. All sites must be accepted by Cowberry, and all final plans and specifications must be approved by us.

How much will I make owning a Cowberry Frozen Yogurt franchise?  

The short answer is it's up to you. It depends on how much time and effort a franchise owner is willing to expend and their passion for the business.  Cowberry has enormous market potential, and we're always looking for ways to expand our revenue sources. If you want to run a top-performing business that hits or exceeds your financial goals, we are here to help you succeed. Many factors must be considered in determining your potential earnings and profits. After a thorough investigation of our franchise program, you should have the data necessary to make an informed business decision as to whether investing in a Cowberry Frozen Yogurt franchise is right for you.

Why should I buy a Cowberry Frozen Yogurt franchise?  

Even during tough economic times, when people tend to buy fewer luxury items, frozen treats remain a strong value. Cowberry is a convenient, affordable luxury. Because of Cowberry's dedication to high standards of cleanliness, consistency, and high-quality products, we continue to distance ourselves from our competitors. Why does this matter? Regardless of the product or industry, high quality is always a long-term, sustainable niche.  Quality never goes out of favor with customers. And consistency is having an excellent system in place to make sure that every guest experience is as good as it should be. Cowberry's customers can immediately taste the difference, and once they do, they're hooked. That's the not-so-secret key to our success.

What's the next step?  

The next step is two-fold. Tell us more about yourself, and we will tell you more about us.  You may fill out the "Contact Us" form to request additional information and to receive a copy of the FDD.  We will promptly review your information and contact you shortly to discuss the next steps. The entire franchise qualification process may be completed within 30 days or less. Let's get rolling!