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The Cowberry Experience - How are we Different from the Competition?

  • Many products for your customers to choose from! Although our froyo is delicious and a healthier treat option, we're not just frozen yogurt anymore! We are a "One-Stop" frozen treat shop for the whole family. Don't forget the toppings!
  • Cowberry uses only premium quality ingredients like real dairy, fresh milk, bulky ingredients like real fruit purees, nuts, candies, and high counts of beneficial live probiotics in our yogurt.
  • We have optional pricing programs with signage for "Weigh & Pay" or "Fixed Cup" pricing. You choose what fits best into your store demographics.
  • The Cowberry turnkey package model has a small, flexible footprint custom-built for your location. All we need is 40-50 square feet! We help you with site assessment, layout, and design. Cowberry is the type of business that can work in many markets. We work with all our franchisees to make sure they have the best possible scenario to be successful. We are a perfect fit for convenience stores with food service, travel centers, QSRs, hospitals, universities, airports, movie theatres, and more!
  • Cowberry is one of the most affordable frozen treat franchises available. Our low $10,000 franchise fee and fixed royalty fees are $3,000 per year ($250.00 per month).
  • Cowberry offers free onsite training. No need to travel to us, we will come to you, and train you and your staff in your new Cowberry location.
  • Cowberry offers local marketing support. Americans have a unique love affair with frozen treats, and the market opportunity is vast. Research shows that $28 Billion is purchased away from home desserts, and 90% of U.S. households regularly consume frozen desserts. Why not drive some of that revenue to your store? We teach you how to market Cowberry in your area, how to get involved with your neighborhood schools, and how to draw more business to your store. One of the marketing tools we have developed is a video with digital content, which draws attention to the Cowberry kiosk in your store. A condensed version is below:
  • The Cowberry Cash Cow packages feature quality soft serve equipment designed to have a smaller footprint, energy efficiency, larger freezing cylinders to handle peak rush hours as well as ease of operation.

Welcome to the World of Cowberry Frozen Treats

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The Cowberry brand elevates the value of your guest's in-store experience while adding an "On the Moove!" meal or frozen dessert category to your foodservice business.

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